Jack’s specials

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Fish and Chips

A true British institution like James Bond, The Beatles, or Paddington. We serve our sustainable MSC certified pollock fillet in crisp Boddingtons batter, with mashed peas, chips, and tartare sauce


let’s start

Rustic Bread

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar


Roasted parsnip & parmesan soup 


Chicken, pancetta & cranberry terrine

Tarragon mayo, crusty bread


Szechuan chicken wings

Roasted bell pepper & garlic sauce


Kuro prawns

Spicy sriracha mayo


Padrón Peppers

Paprika, rock salt, garlic aioli


Mixed marinated olives


Crispy cauliflower

Peri-peri mayo


sharing plates

Jack’s Mezze

Beetroot hummus, stuffed vine leaves, halloumi falafel, cucumber, olives, khobez
Perfect for sharing


Pizza & Bread

Flatbread sandwiches

Onion bhaji, tzatziki, tomato chutney, sourdough toast


Chicken, chorizo, mozarella


Roasted vegetable, hummus, feta, pesto


Margherita pizza

12″ vegan sourdough. cheese, tomato sauce


Add your own toppings (£0.95): Ham, chicken, chorizo, artichoke, pineapple, mushroom, olives, sweetcorn, pepper, red onion, jalapeño, chicken tikka

jack’s club                                                    

Roast turkey, bacon, egg mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato


jack’s vegan club

Smashed avocado, tomato chutney, sourdough toast


Salads & Bowls

jack’s freekeh salad                               

Cucumber salad, pomegranate, olive, tomatoes, orange & shallot dressing


Kale & Quinoa salad

Sliced Granny Smith apples, celery, walnut, cranberries, & sour cherry molasses


Classic caesar salad

Homemade croutons, Caesar dressing


Add grilled chicken              £4.95

Add grilled salmon              £5.25

Add halloumi                     £4.95

Add vegan chicken fillet £4.95

the main event

steak & ale pie

Mashed potato, green peas, red wine jus


Pan-fried lamb rump

Fondant potato, green beans, wild mushroom, lamb jus


Mushroom, edemame beans risotto 


Add grilled chicken         £4.95

Add grilled salmon          £5.25

Add halloumi                   £4.95

Add vegan chicken fillet £4.95
Oven-baked Scottosh salmon

Sauté potato, crispy kale, creamy dill sauce


Vegan curried parsnip & squash wellington

Sauté potato, carrots, vegan jus


Invisible Chips  £2.00
Buying a portion of Invisible Chips will directly help support the people working in hospitality, whose livelihoods are disappearing. 0% fat. 100% charity. All proceeds go to Hospitality Action, who are committed to getting the hospitality industry back on its feet, one portion at a time. Thanks for chipping in.

Fusion food

All our curries are served with rice, naan, minted raita, and poppadum

Chicken tikka masala    

The UK’s unoffical national dish, and perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts other cultures into its own. Known for its rich texture and spiced tomato & butter sauce


Paneer makhanwala 

Vegetarian North Indian dish consisting of peas and paneer in a tomato-based sauce, spiced with garam masala


Lamb rogan josh    

One of the hallmarks of South Asian cuisine. Mutton cooked in mustard oil, onion, fennal and fenugreek seed in a tomato sauce


laksa noodles

Spicy noodle dish popular in Southeast Asia

King prawn         £17.45

Chicken               £16.95

Vegetable           £15.45


Chicken cafreal

A classic Goan Portuguese dish with corriander, green chilli & vinegar marinated half chicken, potato wedges, lime



All our burgers are served with sliced tomato, pickled gherkin, baby gem lettuce, onion & Weston chips

The Union Jack

8oz Aberdeen Angus patty, bacon rashers, Caerphilly cheese, English mustard


Jack’s Chicken burger (h)

Jerk spiced grilled chicken breast


Smoked haddock & salmon burger 

Smoked haddock, salmon, spinach, mature cheddar centre. Uncoated and flash fried


Plant based burger 

Heura soy protein patty


From the grill

10oz Sirloin

Weston chips, grilled tomato, mushroom, onion rings


Tomahawk pork chop

Corn on the cob, Weston chips


Sizzling mixed grill

Chicken tikka, lamb chop, pork sausage, 4oz beef steak



Mixed salad with lemon dressing   £4.95
Weston chips                                      £5.00
Mashed potato                                   £5.00
Roasted carrot & parsnip                 £5.45

Garlic flatbread                                  £5.25

Parmesan fries                                   £5.25

Jack Daniels, peppercorn, garlic butter, béarnaise or Hollandaise


Oh, go on then…

Royal Mont Blanc 

Macaron shell, chestnut mousse, hidden meringue, vanilla marshmallow


Baked whole pear tart

Caramelised puff pastry case, apple compote, whole William’s pear roasted brown sugar


Vegan chocolate fondant

Vegan salted caramel ice cream


Fruit salad

Jude’s mojito sorbet (Contains white rum)


Selection of Jude’s Ice cream

Any 3 scoops. Choice of vanilla, chocolate, panettone, honeycomb


British cheeseboard 

Sussex blue cheese, sage Derby, Bath soft cheese, red Leicester, crackers, quince jelly


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A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill. Some menu items may contain traces of alcohol. Fish dishes may contain small bones. Products are subject to change and availability. All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. For those with special requirements or allergies who may wish to know about the ingredients used, please ask a member of staff.