Jack’s Signature dishes

Discover the best of Jack’s

Wild Venison pie

Mashed potatoes, green beans, jus


Traditional fish & chips

A true British institution like James Bond, The Beatles, or Paddington. We serve our sustainable MSC certified pollock in a crisp beer batter with mashed peas, tartare sauce


Cauliflower steak with baba ghanoush 

Golden sweet potatoes, caramelized puree. Our own chef’s creation


let’s start

Rustic Bread

Olive oil


Fresh Pea and lovage soup 



Khobez bread


Chicken Tikka kebab

Mint raita, naan

(Gluten free available on request)


salt & pepper squids

Lime aioli



Cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa


Mixed marinated olives



Heirloom tomato, baby figs, balsamic and basil oil drizzle


sharing plates

Jack’s Mezze

Hummus, vegetable samosa’s, halloumi, falafel, cucumber, olives, flatbread
(Gluten free available on request)


Pizza & Bread

Panini sandwiches

Crispy chicken fillet, cheese


Ham & cheese


Falafel, halloumi 


Margherita pizza

10″ sourdough base, cheese, tomato sauce, basil, olive oil


Add your own toppings (£0.95): Ham, salami, chicken, pepperoni, pineapple, mushroom, olives, sweetcorn, pepper, red onion, jalapeno, chicken tikka

jack’s club                                                    

White bread, roast turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomato, egg mayonnaise


Salads & Bowls

Avocado salad  

Cucumber, edamame beans, baby gem lettuce, fennel, lemon olive oil dressing


Poached chicken & chicory salad 

Green beans, walnut, grapes, basil mayo dressing


Giant cous cous salad 

Diced cucumber, cherry tomato, pico pepper, parsley, chickpeas, orange, shallot dressing


Add chargrilled chicken       £4.95

Add chargrilled salmon       £5.25

Add halloumi                         £4.95

Add vegan chicken fillet £4.95

the main event

maple glazed crispy pork belly

Bubble & squeak, sauteed broccoli, apple puree, grain mustard sauce


Pan-fried chicken breast

Charred leeks, saute potatoes, mushroom sauce


Fregola pasta

Roasted baby tomatoes, nut free pesto, crispy broccoli florets


Add chargrilled chicken       £4.95

Add chargrilled salmon       £5.25

Add halloumi                         £4.95

Add vegan chicken fillet £4.95

Oven-roasted salmon fillet

Dauphinoise potato, runner beans, red & yellow bell peppers, sauce vierge


Invisible Chips  £2.00
Buying a portion of Invisible Chips will directly help support the people working in hospitality, whose livelihoods are disappearing. 0% fat. 100% charity.
All proceeds go to Hospitality Action, who are committed to getting the hospitality industry back on its feet, one portion at a time.
Thanks for chipping in.

Fusion food

All our curries are served with cumin rice, naan, minted raita, and poppadum’s

Lamb saag

Saag gosht or Hariyali Maans is a version of the dish prepared with spinach & meat


Paneer tikka masala 

An Indian dish consisting of paneer cheese served in a spiced gravy


Hakka noodles  

King prawn                         £17.45

Chicken                            £16.95

Vegetable                       £15.45

Vegan chicken fillet £16.95


butter chicken masala 

The exemplary dish of Indian cuisine that rivals any restaurant or take out. Butter chicken: The king of non-vegetarian dishes that does not need any recognition



All our burgers are served with a grilled burger bun, sliced tomato, pickled gherkin, baby gem lettuce, onion rings & chips

The Union Jack

8oz Aberdeen Angus patty, Welsh crsipy bacon, Irish cheddar, English mustard


Jack’s Chicken burger

Peri peri spiced grilled chicken breast


Smoked haddock & salmon burger 

Smoked haddock, salmon with spinach and a mature cheddar centre. Uncoated and flash fried


Jackfruit burger 

Panko breadcrumbs, tossed in a blend of herbs and spices for a ‘meaty’ bite


From the grill

chargrilled dry aged surrey 8oz rid-eye steak

Chips, onion rings, salad


Steak frites

8oz flat iron, chips


Sizzling mixed grill

Chicken tikka, lamb kofta, tandoori marinated prawns served with khobez bread



Truffles mashed potatoes                          £5.45

Rosemary parmesan fries                          £5.00

Charred broccoli                                          £6.95

Feta & tomato salad                                    £6.00

Garlic & parsley chestnut mushrooms     £6.45

Garlic bread                                                   £4.45


Jack Daniels, peppercorn, garlic butter, ginger béarnaise or Hollandaise


Oh, go on then…

Lemon ginger cheesecake

Pure butter shortcrust, cream cheese, lemon, ginger & Swiss meringue


apple & blackberry crumble 

Served with custard


chocolate & passion fruit tart 

Vegan vanilla ice cream


Fruit salad

Jude’s lemon sorbet


Ice cream selection 

Any 3 scoops. Choice of vanilla , chocolate, Sicilian mandarin, lemon sorbet, Baileys (contains alcohol)


British cheeseboard 

Mrs. Bells blue, Cotswold brie, Cheddar Black Bomber, crackers, quince jelly


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A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill. Some menu items may contain traces of alcohol. Fish dishes may contain small bones. Products are subject to change and availability. All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. For those with special requirements or allergies who may wish to know about the ingredients used, please ask a member of staff.